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Revitalize Your Brows

In youth, our eyebrows rest above our orbital rim or brow bone. As we age, our forehead sags and lengthens causing our eyebrows to drop. As a result, we can appear tired and angry, even though we’re well rested and quite happy. Brow lift surgery raises the eyebrows back to their position when we were younger, restoring that youthful, alert, happy appearance. It is important to avoid over-lifting the brow to avoid a surprised or “deer in the headlights” appearance. Our experienced surgeons are passionate about creating a natural appearance to let the youthful you shine through.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Brow lift surgery, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, is a procedure to elevate the eyebrows, lifting the heaviness of the eyes to restore a more youthful, alert appearance. The browlift procedure, while very much related to upper eyelid surgery, address different aging problems. Eyelid surgery is used to remove the excess thin upper eyelid skin that has developed as we age. Moving upward, the thin eyelid skin transitions to a thicker brow skin. Upper eyelid surgery should not extend into the thicker brow skin as joining the thinner skin of the eyelid to the thicker skin of the brow can create a very visible scar.

Our board-certified surgeons can help you determine whether brow lift surgery, upper eyelid surgery, or a combination of both procedures best meet your goals. A brow lift procedure is often also combined with other procedures such as a Facelift or laser resurfacing but can also be performed as a stand-alone procedure. Our surgeons use the most advanced techniques to rejuvenate your brow and forehead area to achieve a natural, youthful appearance.

Customizing Your Brow Lift

During your consultation, our board-certified surgeons will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your goals. Our surgeons offer a spectrum of brow lift techniques to address the different goals and different facial configurations.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift/Browlift

Endoscopic brow lift uses instruments and a camera inserted through two to four small incisions placed behind the hairline. The brows are lifted to the desired position and secured internally.  While the endoscopic approach seems ideal, there are certain anatomical configurations that may limit this approach such as the lack of hair or a high hairline.

Pretrichial Brow lift

The Pretrichial brow lift is most often used for individuals with a high hairline. This approach allows the brows to be lifted without moving the hairline further back, avoiding the creation of an even higher hairline that many other brow lift approaches can cause. It may be utilized to simultaneously lower the hairline by allowing the hair-bearing scalp to be moved forward, reducing the forehead size. With this approach, the incision is weaved in and out of the natural hairline to allow it to be hidden once the incision is healed.

Mid-forehead Brow lift

The mid-forehead brow lift is most ideal for guests who have little to no hair to hide the incisions. This technique hides incisions within the forehead skin creases for the least visible results after healing. This approach is most commonly used for balding men or those who have very thin hair.

Coronal Brow lift

The Coronal brow lift uses a horizontal incision that is completely hidden in the hair. The incision is well hidden, even in the immediate post-operative period. Although the incision is placed in the hair-bearing scalp, there is no shaved area that requires hair re-growth following surgery.

Brow Lift Recovery & Results

Our team will discuss all aspects of your procedure and recovery during your consultation. Typically, some bruising and swelling occur around the eyes but are resolved within one week. Although bruising varies among individuals, keeping your head elevated will reduce swelling and promote healing. Following the surgery, there may be some mild discomfort, similar to a tension headache for the first 12 hours following the procedure. Post-operatively, you may return to light work activity, such as office work, as soon as the next day.  *

* Individual results and recovery may vary.  

Deciding If A Brow Lift Is Right For You?

We work closely with you to customize a care plan tailored to meet your needs. Our board-certified surgeons provide state-of-the-art brow lift techniques. During your personalized one-on-one consultation, our team can help you determine which technique is right for you. To schedule your initial consultation, contact us today!