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Full, luscious lips are often considered a sign of beauty and youth. Dermal fillers can often be used to plump and define lips, but repeated treatments can be inconvenient and have a recurrent cost. Permanent lip enhancement can often be a solution for individuals who would like to achieve a lasting lip augmentation. Our board-certified surgeons have a variety of permanent lip enhancement options to address your goals. Contact Revitalize U to schedule a consultation to discuss your lip goals today!

Lip Enhancement Procedures

The board-certified surgeons at Revitalize U provide some of the most advanced techniques to permanently enhance your lips for that full, youthful. Together, you and your surgeon will discuss your goals and evaluate your lips to determine which approach will give your desired results.

Customizing your lip enhancement procedure

Our surgeons have a spectrum of techniques to permanently enhance your lips. Each approach is used to address specific goals and facial configurations. During your consultation, our board-certified surgeons will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will most optimally suit your desired recovery time and goals to maximize your results.

Fat Transfer Lip Enhancement

Volume can be added to the lips when is fat transferred or injected into your lips once it has been harvested from another area of your body. The donor fat is collected from the abdomen by a gentle liposuction technique to preserve the living fat cells. These living fat cells are processed and injected into the lips in tiny increments. This will provide the best opportunity for the fat to survive permanently and to minimize any chance of lumpiness. Some individuals may require more than one fat transfer to achieve their desired lip augmentation. Our team of experts at Revitalize U will work with you to decide if you need further fat transfer procedures. *

V-to-Y-Plasty Lip Augmentation

The VY-Plasty is a reconstructive technique in which a geometric rearrangement of tissues can create fuller lips.  The surgeon makes a small incision in the inner lip, which is then closed on itself. When a V-shaped incision is closed to form a Y-shape, the tissue is advanced upward, giving the lip a fuller look.  When used in the lip, the “wet lip” (the portion inside of the mouth) can be advanced outward to create more “red lip” externally.

In ideally proportioned lips, the upper lip is in the shape of a W, and the central part of the lower lip is full; because of this, three VY-plasties are used for the upper lip and only one is needed for the lower lip. To ensure proper proportions, it is important to ensure the upper lip remains smaller than the lower lip after lip enhancement. The incisions on the VY-plasty lip augmentation are all hidden inside of the mouth, and when they heal, they are difficult to find. The VY-plasty lip augmentation is the technique that can create the fullest lip possible.

SMAS Lip Augmentation

“SMAS,” or Superficial MusculoAponeurotic System, is the layer of fat and muscle underlying the skin of the face. During facelift or neck lift surgery, this layer is lifted and tightened. Excess SMAS is removed and can be shaped to form a graft to enhance the lips. The graft is placed through tiny incisions on the inside corner of the lips. This approach an excellent option for individuals undergoing facelift surgery who would want permanent lip enhancement using their own tissue for a graft or implant. *

Lip Lift

In the idealized upper lip, the white lip—the portion between the upper border of the top red lip and the nose—is approximately ten to fifteen millimeters. At rest, with the lips slightly parted, there is some show of the bottom part of the top two incisors (the two front teeth). As we age, the white lip gets longer and the red lip shrinks. This can progress to having very little of the red upper lip showing. Although lip augmentation can address this issue, a lip lift procedure is the optimal approach. During a lip lift, the incision is hidden in the creases of the base of the nose. The shape of the incision is similar to a bull horn or stag horn; hence, the procedure is often called a bull horn or stag horn lip lift. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation depending on preference. *

Lip Augmentation with Lip Implant

Lip implants are another option for lip enhancement. These implants are available in several sizes and are placed through small mouth corner incisions under local anesthesia. The biggest advantages of this approach are immediate results, permanent effect, little downtime, and no maintenance. In addition, the implants are easily removed if augmentation is no longer desired or a different size becomes preferred.*

* Individual results and recovery may vary.

Recovery & Results

Our team at Revitalize U will discuss all aspects of your procedure and recovery during your consultation. Our board- certified surgeons have a variety of options for lip enhancement to suit different goals and needs. Recovery time varies and is dependent on the patient and procedure of choice. *

* Individual results and recovery may vary.

Deciding if Lip Enhancement is Right for you?

At Revitalize U, we work closely with each individual to customize a care plan that is tailored to meet their needs. During your personalized one-on-one consultation, our team can help you determine which procedure is right for you. To schedule your consultation with Revitalize U, contact us today. We are happy to work alongside you to determine if lip enhancement surgery is right for you.