Meet Stacy Taylor

Senoir Desinger, Education Corridinator

Stacy has been doing hair since she was old enough to vote. She spent
nearly 15 years at the same salon in Utah before opening her own space.
After running her salon for the past five years, she decided to “retire” and
move to Iowa. Her husband would say moving across the country was the
only way she could take a break because her friendship and loyalty to so
many clients meant there would always be someone who needed “just one
more appointment”.

After taking a much-needed break, the itch to get back in the salon kicked
in. Stacy has an almost supernatural ability to see what would look best on
a client by incorporating the natural strengths of their hair. She also feels
passionate about helping clients get the most out of their hair without
sacrificing its long-term health. She has been called a “hair whisperer”
many times over the years, not just because of her skill behind the chair but
also because of her talent as an educator. Stacy created her own education
system from scratch, refined it over the years, and implemented an
apprentice program that has seen numerous students go on to become
successful hairstylists.

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three fantastic kids.
Playing board games, making no-bake cookies, and hanging out in the
sunshine are just a few of the many things they love to do as a family.