Mid-Face Lift

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Revitalize your Face

One of the most defining characteristics of a youthful face is volume in the mid-face. The youthful face is full and smooth, without concavities or crevasses. With age, the smooth, youthful face begins to lose volume, very similar to a balloon losing air. As a result, the mid-face sags downward, making the folds running from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), appear to be deeper and more prominent. Often, individuals will pull upward and outward on their facial skin near their cheekbones in an attempt to simulate a “lift” in the mid-face area. While this may flatten the nasolabial folds, a youthful face is not tight and pulled in the mid-face. Instead, the youthful mid-face is full and smooth. Re-volumizing the mid-face creates a rejuvenation that restores the volume creating a more youthful face. Very much like a deflated balloon begins to lift with more volume, restoring volume in the mid-face creates a natural appearing lift.

Our experienced, board-certified surgeons understand that a natural, rejuvenated look is not always achieved with tightening and lifting. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your mid-face rejuvenation goals today!

The Mid FaceLift Procedure

During your consultation, our board-certified surgeons will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. Our surgeons use various approaches and techniques for your mid-face rejuvenation. When placing the mid-face implant, two small incisions are made on the inside of the mouth, between the lip and gum, one on each side. A pocket is made to expose the facial bone and the mid-face implant is fixed against the bone, below all of the soft tissue. Once complete healing has occurred, the implant cannot move, not even with trauma. You will not be able to feel the implant once it’s inside. During the procedure our surgeons will place the implant in the optimal area to restore the lost volume.

Mid-Face Volume Instead of Mid-Facelift

Our board-certified surgeons restore volume in the mid-face with a variety of techniques including temporary methods such as dermal fillers to more permanent methods such as fat transfers; however, the Mid-Face Implant is the most permanent method. Depending on your anatomy and goals, our experienced surgeons can individualize your mid-face implants by customizing them by size, position and placement, and even custom trimming them during your procedure. Your surgeon will evaluate your facial anatomy and discuss your goals to determine how to optimally achieve your desired results.

Recovery & Results

Our team will discuss all aspects of your procedure and recovery during your consultation. It is important to plan to have a driver available to take you home following your procedure. Post-operatively, there will be small incisions inside the mouth. Rinsing following meals can help assure a quick healing process. In addition, head elevation and surgical site icing will limit swelling. Most guests will be able to return to light activities in the following days, but it is recommended to plan for one week before returning to normal life, including work.  It is expected to have some swelling and mild bruising following your procedure. *

* Individual results and recovery may vary. 

Deciding if a Mid-Facelift is right for you?

We will work closely with you to customize a care plan that is tailored to meet your goals. During your personalized one-on-one consultation, our team can help you determine if mid-face rejuvenation is right for you. To schedule your consultation, contact us today!