Acne Scar Treatment


Revitalize your skin

Active acne blemishes can be a temporary nuisance, but scarring from acne can leave a lifetime of lasting facial concern. Acne scars can be very difficult to hide because they are often uneven and cause shadows.  These scars are a result of damage that occurs when pores in the skin become inflamed and clogged with bacteria, dead cells, and excess oil. When these blemishes go beyond the pore wall the skin naturally tries to repair the damage by creating collagen fibers, leaving behind rough, raised or depressed, and discolored scars.

At Revitalize U our expert team will work to improve your skin’s tone and texture, giving you a renewed sense of confidence. We offer a number of acne scar treatments depending on the severity of your scars. These treatments will vary from minimally invasive to surgical treatments. During your initial consultation, our team will work with you to determine if and which acne scar treatment is right for you. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation!

Recovery & Results

Acne scar treatment recovery can vary from no downtime with immediate return to your daily activities, to some recovery and healing time depending on your goals and treatment plan.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary.

Deciding if acne scar treatment is right for you?

Renew your self-confidence and improve the appearance of acne scars with acne scar treatment. To find out more about Acne Scarring Treatment at Revitalize U or to request a consultation, please contact us!